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Rain – The Reason Love Poems Are Made

August 14th, 2009 — 12:56am

Have you been in a midst in your life of despair because of a unpleasant predicament takes place? Some people catch themselves in the rain in most cases the unpleasant predicament can turn into a pleasant predicament because of this. We spend so much time taking a long walk, and thinking about the love that we have just lost to another or why we broke up because of a misunderstanding in our relationship so we take a long walk. Gazing up at the sun we tend to forget our problems, but they are still there. Just like the sky changes from light too dark, dry to wet, our hearts do too.

Given time…..even after a long storm outside, and the rain pours drastically, but in the end the sun soaks it all back up and the day moves on. Some people say it’s God moving, and changing things around. Maybe he loves change too in the world, and sometimes make it a little bit better to see things different once in a while. In love poems and even love quotes this is very obvious! Maybe a long walk isn’t such a bad idea after all………..Let’s see where we end up by giving this a try. By watching the world change we might change for the better………..


“My Arms Are Tired”
“These Legs Are Worn”
“I’m Sick And Wired”
“Because My Heart Is Torn”

“The Sun Is Happy”
“The World Seems Free”
“But My Mind Is Trapped”
” Brought Me Down To My Knees”

“About A Girl Of Course”
“Streamed Down To The Source”
“Don’t Need Any Remorse”
“This Long Walk I Will Enforce”

“Lovely 100 degrees”
“Fry Me With Ease”
“Let Me Fade Just Forget”
“Blood, Dust, Then Gentle Breeze”

“Yes, I fall To My Knees”
“Both Palms To The Pavement, I Plead”
“She Bound My Body Like Ecstasy”
“Deceived Me About Love”
“And Got The Best Of Me”

“I Cry, In The Street…I Cry”
“Then She Cry…The Sky Cry”
“No One Feels Sympathy, But Her”
“More Natural Than Pure She Endure”

“She’s Mine Now, I Know”
“Although Different I Hear Her Pain”
“Soaking My Skin Once More”
“My Only Dearest Rain”

Written By: Jermaine Pleas

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